You’re welcome to reserve your puppy with $100.00 deposit. Choose your puppy before they're gone. Contact us to schedule your visit.Please read the following important information below.                              

We're happy to anounce that we have beautiful Shiba Inu puppies available at this time. Puppies will be avaiable for visiting or pick up at eight weeks of age (no earlier, for puppy protection). Please contact us to schedule your visit.  All puppies come with current vaccine & deworming schedule along with guarantee.

Hello and thank you in advance for your interest in our beautiful Shiba Inu puppies. Our goal is to have beautiful great quality Shiba Inu puppies here in the southbay. All puppies come with American Kennel Club or American Canine Association registry. Puppies are kept with scheduled current vaccines & deworming. They will be seen by a local vet at the age of 5 weeks to asure they're in good health. Puppies are with their mother around the clock until six weeks of age. The reason puppies are kept with mom till aproximatly six weeks is because puppies at this age they no longer suck they start biting moms nipples causing them to bleed and get infections. You're welcome to visit our shiba inu pups at eight week of age. Once they've started recieving their vaccine's & deworming(puppies protection).  Puppies will then be ready to take home to start bonding with their new family or new owner at eight weeks of age. The deposit is none refundable but will be used towards your balance. You’re welcome to send deposit by mail, Pay Pal, squre cash app:, or bring it in person. You can reserve your puppy from the pictures or by visiting them at eight weeks. Once reserving your puppy with a $100.00 cash balance will be due upon piciking up your puppy at eight weeks of age. Eight week puppy date will be indicated undernieth each puppy picture. I hope I have explained our easy process for adopting a one of our beautiful Shiba Inu puppies. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. Please contact us to schedule your visit. We're available on the following days: Tuesday, Wednessday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday, closed Monday & Friday. We guarantee our puppies from any breeding genetical life-threating problems (not incuding viruses, colds, injuries etc.). We look forward in you sharing a wonderful life experience with our Shiba’s. Have a great day & hope to see you soon. 

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REQUIREMENT: Must show proof of NuVet Plus vitamin purchase upon picking up your puppy. Please order your NuVet Plus vitamins at:

This way you'll have vitamins ready once you bring home your new family member.



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AKC, ACA or APR registry on all puppies.



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